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Agarwood (Gaharu) is precious resinous wood formed in heartwood of Aquilaria tree, an archaic tropical evergreen tree native to Golf of Tonkin, Vietnam and other countries of Southeast Asia. The odor of Agarwood is complex and pleasing. As a result, Agarwood and its essential oil gained great cultural and religious significance in ancient civilizations around the world. Nowadays, Agarwood has been widely use in aroma industry, medicine, indoor air improvement and fumigation and religious practices and spiritual life. Agarwood oil is obtained using a hydro distillation where an aromatic chemical is extracted from Agarwood chips by steam.

Agarwood is a resinous, fragrant and highly valuable heartwood. The scientific name is Aquilaria. It is also known as aloeswood, eaglewood, krissana in Thailand, gaharu in Malaysia and Indonesia, Oudh in the Middle East, chen-xiang in Chinese and jin-koh in Japan. It is highly fragrant & valuable, which we obtain from wild & rare trees of Aquillaria agollocha. It is also known as perfume of the Sultan. It is grown in Assam, India, which was originally one of the richest areas of wild & naturally occurring Agarwood trees. Only a tiny amount of Agarwood Oil at a time; be prepared for the slow release of its aroma over the next 10 to 12 hours."